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Client leaflets for download

As part of the Cat Friendly Clinic programme, the International Society of Feline Medicine has produced a series of leaflets for cat owners to provide some background information on the programme, but also to provide practical help with common problems or difficulties associated with veterinary visits.

Our leaflets are:

  • What is a Cat Friendly Clinic?

  • Bringing your cat to the clinic

  • Taking your cat back home

  • Changing your cat’s food

  • Giving tablets to your cat

  • Giving skin, ear or eye drops/ointment

These leaflets are available in several languages and all 6 leaflets can be downloaded as a single pdf via the links below.

Catalan flag  Catalan version

  Chinese version

  Danish version

Netherlands  Dutch version

  English version

  French version

  Finnish version

  Japanese version

  Korean version

Norway  Norwegian version

 Polish version

 Portuguese version

  Slovenian version

  Spanish version

Sweden  Swedish version

  Turkish version