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The Cat Friendly Clinic programme has been developed by ISFM as a global initiative and resource to help make veterinary clinics more welcoming to cats and their caregivers, to reduce the stress of veterinary visits for cats, and to make treating and interacting with cats easier for veterinary staff.

Through the generosity and support of our commercial partners for the Cat Friendly Clinic programme (Boehringer Ingelheim, Ceva, Idexx, Zoetis and Royal Canin) we are able to provide further detailed resources to veterinary clinics at no additional cost. The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is open to any veterinary clinic that cares for feline patients. There are certain requirements regarding design, equipment and facilities within the clinic, and the standard of care for cats, which must all be met to achieve accreditation. Clinics are contacted every 3 years for reaccreditation to confirm that the criteria are still being met.

There is NO COST to clinics for becoming accredited or for being part of the Cat Friendly Clinic programme, but a clinic must be an ISFM Clinic Member for accreditation to be active, for which there is an annual fee.

PLEASE NOTE – The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is available in all continents except North and South America. If your clinic is in North or South America, please click here for more information on the Cat Friendly Practice programme run by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Steps to becoming an ISFM accredited Cat Friendly Clinic:

1. Read our ‘Guide to creating a Cat Friendly Clinic’. 

2. Work through the checklists to see if there are any changes required to allow your clinic to become accredited.

3. Assign a Cat Advocate – responsibilities can be found HERE

4. Make sure the clinic has ISFM Clinic Membership. Visit isfm-members.net to sign up.

5. Start your application!

You can also download these steps including a list of photos you will need for your application HERE

Questions? Check out our FAQs HERE or contact us at cfc@icatcare.org.


The application form is available in several languages:

  English version

  Chinese version

  French version

  German version

  Italian version

  Japanese version

  Korean version

  Portuguese version

  Spanish version