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Cat Friendly Clinic 10-year anniversary competition

The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2022! As part of the celebrations, and to honour that the concept of Cat Friendly Clinic began life this way, we’re hosting a competition!  

Have you made an innovative change to your clinic to make it more Cat Friendly as part of becoming an accredited clinic? Has your team tweaked the way they perform a routine procedure to reduce the stress for their feline patients? If so, we want to hear about it!

Enter our competition to win 2 tickets to our 2022 European Feline Congress in Rhodes!


There are 2 sets of 2 tickets up for grabs and a winner will be selected for each category of an innovative change to your clinic and a stress-reducing change to a routine procedure.

To enter:

1.) Create a 30-60 second video of either the physical change you made to the clinic environment or your team demonstrating the procedural change you have made

2.) Click here to read the T&Cs and complete the submission form.

3.) Then follow these directions to enter the competition.

Don’t forget to make sure you have consent from all the people starring in your video as well as the owner(s) of any cats featured. To enter, you must be an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, or be in the process of applying (and must be accredited by 31st December 2021) and have current ISFM Practice Membership.

Watch below for some examples of a Cat Friendly change to the veterinary environment or procedure.

Finalists will be announced mid-March 2022 and be invited to join us at our International Cat Care event in London on the 29th April celebrating the work of charity and the 10 anniversary of Cat Friendly Clinic, where the winner of each category will be announced. There will be a virtual element to this celebration for winners who are unable to attend in person. Both winning clinics will receive two tickets each to ISFM’s in person congress in Rhodes in June 2022.   

Read on for some handy tips on how to take a good video:

  • Film horizontally not vertically  
  • Check your frame rate and resolution in your camera settings and ensure it is at least 1080p HD and 30 fps (720p HD and 24/25 frames per second will suffice otherwise) 
  • Clean your camera lens! 
  • Avoid back lighting – have the window or light source on the side of who you’re filming or from behind the camera 
  • Use both hands to stabilise the camera when filming or use a tripod 
  • If using a phone, lock the focus and exposure on the point you want the focus to be on to prevent it from automatically hunting to focus 
  • If you are recording sound have the person speaking use headphones with a microphone closer to their mouth to improve the quality of the audio or use a Bluetooth microphone  
  • Keep whatever you are filming in centre frame as much as possible – Avoid looking at the subject with your own eyes and always be looking through the cameras perspective to avoid shots wandering.