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Help your veterinary clinic – tell them about the Cat Friendly Clinic programme or give them feedback

Tell your veterinary clinic about the Cat Friendly Clinic programme if they are not already part of it.

If the clinic that you go to is not yet an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic, then we would love you to encourage them to become accredited. Please tell them about the Cat Friendly Clinic programme and encourage them to visit our website.

Alternatively, just fill in the following form and provide us with the details of the clinic, and we will contact them directly.

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Provide feedback to your clinic if they are already an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic.

If the clinic you attend is already an accredited ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic, they should welcome feedback. We encourage owners to tell the clinic directly about how cat friendly the clinic is and things that the clinic does well, and things that could be improved.

However, if you would prefer to provide feedback to the clinic via the International Society of Feline Medicine, please complete the form below, and we will pass on this information to the clinic for you.

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