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Getting your cat to the vet

We understand the difficulties that cat carers face in bringing a cat to a veterinary clinic. Cats often do not travel well, feel unsafe away from their home and are highly sensitive to new sights, sounds and smells.

For information on how you can help your cat, please read our ‘Visiting your vet’ guide HERE

Ideally, cats should be trained to be comfortable with being in their carrier. We have created several videos to help you with this process:

Introduction to cat carrier training

Cat Carrier Training – Step 1 Settling on a blanket

Cat Carrier Training – Step 2 Open top carrier

Cat Carrier Training – Step 3 Closed carrier with door OFF

Cat Carrier Training – Step 4 Closed carrier with door ON

Cat Carrier Training – Step 5 Building duration

Cat Carrier Training – Step 6 Moving the carrier

We appreciate that you may need to take your cat to the vet without having time to go though the training process. Here is a short video on how to get your cat in the carrier in this situation:

Putting your cat in a cat carrier