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Information for cat owners

We recognise that because of their unique nature and needs, taking cats to veterinary clinics can be very stressful, both for cats and caregivers. The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics, reducing stress for cats and making veterinary visits easier for caregivers. Reducing stress can also improve diagnosis and treatment, improving cat health.

Set up by International Cat Care with its veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine this programme is transforming the way in which cats are treated in veterinary clinics across the globe.


Find a Cat Friendly Clinic

Locate your nearest Cat Friendly Clinic. All the clinics listed have been awarded gold, silver or bronze status.

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What is a Cat Friendly Clinic?

Find out what it means to be a Cat Friendly Clinic and why it is important for you and you cat.

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What standards to expect

Find out how Cat Friendly Clinics are different from other clinics and what standards you can expect.

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Getting your cat to the vet

Learn how to train your cat to be comfortable in a carrier, or how best to get an untrained cat into a carrier for a trip to the vet

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Tell your vet

If the clinic you attend isn’t a Cat Friendly Clinic, then we would love you to encourage them to become accredited under our scheme. Let us know about your clinic and we will provide them with details of the programme.

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